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Lyrics:Andrew of Crete, tr. by John Mason Neale
Music:Josiah Booth

This hymn has a unique tune


 1  Christian, dost thou see them

       On the holy ground,

    How the powers of darkness

       Compass thee around?

    Christian, up and smite them,

       Counting gain but loss;

    Smite them by the merit

       Of the holy cross.


 2  Christian, dost thou feel them,

       How they work within,

    Striving, tempting, luring,

       Goading into sin?

    Christian, never tremble,

       Never be downcast;

    Gird thee for the conflict;

       Watch, and pray, and fast.


 3  Christian, dost thou hear them,

       How they speak thee fair?

    "Always fast and vigil,

       Always watch and prayer?"

    Christian, answer boldly,

       "While I breathe I pray";

    Peace shall follow battle,

       Night shall end in day.