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Lyrics:Horatius Bonar
Music:Henry Baker

Hymns using same tune:

#77, #205 (Tune 2)


 1  Go, labor on; spend, and be spent;

       Thy joy to do the Father's will;

    It is the way the Master went;

       Should not the servant tread it still?


 2  Go, labor on: 'tis not for nought;

       Thy earthly loss is heav'nly gain;

    Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee not;

       The Master praises, what are men?


 3  Go, labor on: your hands are weak,

       Your knees are faint, your souls cast down;

    Yet falter not; the prize you seek

       Is near, a kingdom and a crown.


 4  Go, labor on while it is day,

       The world's dark night is hastening on;

    Speed, speed thy work, cast sloth away,

       It is not thus that souls are won.


 5  Men die in darkness at your side,

       Without a hope to cheer the tomb;

    Take up the torch and wave it wide,

       The torch that lights time's thickest gloom.


 6  Press on, faint not, keep watch and pray;

       Be wise the erring soul to win;

    Go forth into the world's highway,

       Compel the wanderer to come in.


 7  Press on, and in thy work rejoice;

       For work comes rest, the prize thus won;

    Soon shalt thou hear the Master's voice,

       The midnight cry, Behold, I come!