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Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Clement C. Scholefield, Thomas Campbell
Meter: with repeat

Hymns using same tune:

#296, #499, #500


Repeat the last two lines of verses 1-3


 1  What miracle! What mystery!

    That God and man should blended be!

    God became man to make man God,

    Untraceable economy!

    From His good pleasure, heart's desire,

    His highest goal attained will be.


 2  Flesh He became, the first God-man,

    His pleasure that I God may be:

    In life and nature I'm God's kind,

    Though Godhead's His exclusively.

    His attributes my virtues are;

    His glorious image shines through me.


 3  No longer I alone that live,

    But God together lives with me.

    Built with the saints in the Triune God,

    His universal house we'll be,

    And His organic Body we

    For His expression corp'rately.


 4  Jerusalem, the ultimate,

    Of visions the totality;

    The Triune God, tripartite man —

    A loving pair eternally —

    As man yet God they coinhere,

    A mutual dwelling place to be;

    God's glory in humanity

    Shines forth in splendor radiantly!