Eng:831  Chin:600  Kor:600  Span:353  Tag:831  Fra:-  Por:- 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Arthur S. Sullivan

This hymn has a unique tune


 1  The unity of the Church is but

       The saints in oneness living;

    The Spirit which indwelleth them

       This oneness ever giving.

    Thus it is realized and called

       The unity of Spirit;

    'Tis based upon the common faith

       Which all the saints inherit.


 2  This precious faith of all the saints,

       Is constituted solely

    Of Christ and His redemptive work,

       Which are unique and holy.

    In this the saints are truly one,

       Together all agreeing,

    And it is from this common faith

       The Church came into being.


 3  The Church within the universe

       Is one as Christ's possession;

    The Church must therefore locally

       Be one in her expression;

    For all her elements are one —

       One God, one Lord, one Spirit,

    One faith, baptism, Body too,

       One hope all saints inherit.


 4  This oneness is the Church's ground,

       The ground of common standing,

    The only ground of unity

       The Spirit is demanding.

    The Church in actual practise thus

       May keep her vital union,

    And her expressions locally

       Be built up in communion.


 5  Lord, help us ever strive to keep

       This unity by taking

    The Church's ground of unity,

       The Body-life partaking,

    That all Thy heart's profound desire

       May fully be effected,

    And God's eternal purpose may

       Completely be perfected.