Eng:854  Chin:618  Kor:618  Span:367  Tag:854  Fra:-  Por:- 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Friedrich Filitz

Hymn using same tune:



 1  All the saints of Christ are

       Members every one;

    All coordinating

       Into oneness come.


 2  Though the gifts are many,

       Yet the Spirit one;

    Many too the functions,

       But one Lord, the Son.


 3  Each, the others needing,

       Must impartial be;

    Each his place possesses

       And utility.


 4  By our grace are measured

       Gifts both large and small;

    Each with sober judgment

       Takes his place with all.


 5  Each fulfills his duty,

       Shows his usefulness,

    Fervent in the spirit,

       Girt with faithfulness.


 6  Knitting and supplying,

       Bearing much in grace;

    Not a trace of discord,

       Christ is giv'n His place.


 7  We, the Church, His Body,

       He, the Head, the Son;

    By the Spirit's flowing,

       We are joined in one.