Eng:865  Chin:626  Kor:626  Span:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:405 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Henry S. Cutler

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 1  In spirit and in truth, O Lord,

       We meet to worship here;

    As taught by Christ, the Son of God,

       We now in Him draw near.


 2  Thank God, He is a Spirit true,

       So near, so dear to us;

    That we may contact Him in life,

       In truth to worship thus.


 3  A spirit God has made for us

       That we may worship Him,

    Not striving, serving outwardly,

       But seeking from within.


 4  Regenerated by the Lord,

       Renewed in mind and heart,

    He dwells within us as our life

       True worship to impart.


 5  We worship here according to

       The inner consciousness,

    Anointed by His Spirit now

       His fulness we express.


 6  In truth we serve and worship too,

       In shadows nevermore,

    In Christ, the one reality,

       The Father we adore.


 7  To God we offer Christ the Lord

       Whom we experience;

    With God we too delight in Him,

       His light and sweetness sense.


 8  In spirit and reality

       Together here we meet,

    To worship, praise, and fellowship

       Around the mercy-seat.