Eng:874  Chin:636  Kor:636  Span:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:- 

Lyrics:A. B. Simpson
Music:(1) Clement C. Scholefield
(2) Friedrich Filitz

This hymn has a unique tune


 1  Standing in the evil day,

    Heeding not what men may say,

    Fearing not the face of clay,

       Christian soldier, stand.


 2  Standing for the Word of God,

    Standing for the precious blood,

    Following where the saints have trod,

       Christian soldier, stand.


 3  Stand 'mid Satan's every wile,

    Stand 'mid pleasure's wanton smile,

    Stand when error would beguile;

       Christian soldier, stand.


 4  Stand till ends life's little day,

    Stand for Jesus, come what may,

    Stand and fight and watch and pray;

       Christian soldier, stand.