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Lyrics:Watchman Nee
Music:James W. Elliott

Hymns using same tune:

#508, #1076, #1102


 1  Charge, soldiers, charge in battle!

       The conflict has begun;

    Thy battle song triumphant —

       "The victory is won!"

    Hell's power must be vanquished

       And Satan's forces strewn;

    The Captain of the Army

       Will come and triumph soon.


 2  Charge, soldiers, charge in battle!

       And gaze upon thy Lord;

    If thou wilt fight His battle,

       The throne is thy reward.

    This war is of the spirit,

       Not fought on earthly ground;

    The Lord well knows the foe is near,

       Encircling us around.


 3  Charge, soldiers, charge in battle!

       Christ's throne awaiteth thee;

    His resurrection power

       Will lift thy spirit free.

    Through Him thou wilt have power,

       The foe to battle down;

    Through Him thou wilt the triumph sing,

       And wear the victor's crown.


 4  Charge, soldiers, charge in battle!

       Thou shalt ascend the throne;

    A feast He is preparing,

       How happy thou to own.

    With Him we're resurrected

       Above the battle din;

    Transcending all that binds us,

       We're far above in Him.


 5  Charge, soldiers, charge in battle!

       Thou art the royal heir;

    The Lord from dust did choose thee,

       That thou His kingdom share.

    Thou hast no part in darkness,

       Thy future, O how bright;

    With Christ to dwell forever

       And in His love delight.


 6  With joyful shouts charge forward!

       The kingdom is before;

    Upon the peak of Zion

       We'll sing, the battle o'er.

    The Lamb has won the victory!

       The Lamb is on the throne!

    With shouts of joy we praise Him,

       For He must overcome.