Eng:892  Chin:645  Kor:645  Span:-  Tag:892  Fra:-  Por:- 

Lyrics:Watchman Nee
Music:Arr. from Robert A. Schumann

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 1  With all the pow'r in heav'n and earth

    Our resurrected Lord's endued;

    If we unite and live by Him,

    The enemy will be subdued.


 2  In Jesus' name we must declare

    That we shall overcome the foe;

    We draw authority from Him

    The serpent's head to crush below.


 3  No matter what, thou mountain high,

    In heav'n or earth, where'er thou art,

    At any cost we'll level thee,

    In Jesus' name thou must depart!


 4  Faith orders thee "Remove from here,

    And be thou cast into the sea!"

    We should, we must, we can, we will,

    Fulfill God's purpose faithfully.