Eng:802  Chin:582  Kor:582  Span:341  Tag:802  Fra:-  Por:367 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:From Musikalisches Handbuch, 1690

This hymn has a unique tune


 1  Thou art the Word and Spirit, Lord;

    Now in one spirit worship we;

    'Tis by the Word we understand,

    And in the Spirit contact Thee.


 2  Since Thou with me has joined in one,

    Thou art my all, O Lord, thereby;

    And as the Spirit and the Word

    Thou cam'st to me as my supply.


 3  If Thou art Lord, yet not the Word,

    How couldest Thou be know to me?

    If Thou art God yet Spirit not,

    How could I ever contact Thee?


 4  The Word reveals Thyself to me

    And knowledge of Thyself imparts;

    The Spirit is Thy substance true

    Whereby I touch Thee as Thou art.


 5  Thou art my life, my light, my way,

    My food, my strength and guaranty;

    By Word made known, as Spirit these

    Become experience to me.


 6  The Word in Scripture is expressed,

    Thy Spirit, the Indwelling One;

    Thy Word is spirit and is life

    When to my spirit it doth come.


 7  If I Thy Word would understand,

    I must Thy Holy Spirit touch;

    Not only grasp it with my mind,

    But with my spirit, praying much.


 8  Thy precious Word my heart doth love,

    My spirit fellowships with Thine;

    My heart rejoices in Thy Word,

    My spirit praises sings in Thine.