Eng:801  Chin:581  Kor:581  Span:340  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:366 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:William F. Sherwin

Hymn using same tune:



 1  O living Word of God, God's image true,

    Thou art the content of God's written word;

    God in Thee we have met, God's fulness found.

    And in the Scripture we Thyself have heard.


 2  No man has e'er seen God, apart from Thee,

    Without the Scripture Thee we'd hardly see;

    Thou to the human race God hast declared,

    And thru the Scripture Thou art shown to me.


 3  Perfect embodiment Thou art of God,

    A portrait full the Scripture gives of Thee;

    In Thee we comprehend God's image true,

    And thru the Scripture Thou art real to me.


 4  Life-giving Spirit Thou, as well as Word,

    Now e'en the Spirit in the Word Thou art;

    When thru the Spirit giv'n, I touch the Word,

    Fulness divine to me Thou dost impart.


 5  In Thee I may with God have fellowship,

    And thru the Scripture I on Thee may feed;

    Thru study of the Word with prayer to God

    Thy glorious riches fully meet my need.


 6  Teach me to exercise my spirit, Lord,

    Thy Word to study, so to contact Thee,

    That Thou, the living Word, with Scripture, too,

    As one my daily manna e'er may be.