Eng:800  Chin:580  Kor:580  Span:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:365 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:E. H. G. Sargent, adapted

Hymn using same tune:



 1  God the Lord has spoken, God has been unveiled;

    All His character and persons are expressed;

    Unto Adam's sons His mystery is revealed,

    Fully illustrated and made manifest.


 2  God the Lord has spoken, and His heart disclosed,

    That His Son should have pre-eminence in all,

    That in His dear Son He might be glorified

    Midst all His creation, either great or small.


 3  God the Lord has spoken, Christ has been revealed:

    He is very God and yet is truly man;

    He is all in all, in Him all things subsist,

    Center and circumference of th' eternal plan.


 4  God the Lord has spoken, and His mystery shown,

    Christ and His expression has His counsel willed:

    Christ with all God's fulness as the glorious Head,

    And the Church His Body, with His riches filled.


 5  God the Lord has spoken, and from heaven shown

    That the triune God would blend with creature-man:

    Father in the Son, the Son the Spirit is,

    Dwelling in the Body to fulfill His plan.


 6  God the Lord has spoken, revelation giv'n

    Of His vast creation and His lowly birth,

    Of His great redemption and salvation full;

    May His adoration ever fill the earth.