Eng:827  Chin:-  Kor:-  Span:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:- 

Lyrics:Adapted from Sister Eva of Friedenshort
Music:E. H. G. Sargent, adapted

Hymn using same tune:



 1  I have found life's Giver, and the Prince of Life;

    He has quenched my thirst, and vanquished all my strife.

    He, my living bread, became my daily meat;

    Death has died in me, Life's triumph is complete.


 2  In the Church, what glory! Far horizons glow!

    And His Name all radiant on each brow doth show.

    Christ doth breathe upon her, He's her living Rock,

    Shepherd of His sheep all gathered in one flock.


 3  There one holy flame doth burn within each breast;

    By one blood redeemed, in Christ they find their rest.

    All their thirst He quenches from one living stream;

    They in adoration lowly worship Him.


 4  There as Bread of life faint souls He ever feeds;

    There each hungry soul may take whate'er he needs.

    Lovingly He draws each soul that truly lives,

    And in bread and wine Himself to them He gives.


 5  Gone is all the earth-taint thru abounding grace;

    Hear the song of triumph from the ransomed race.

    All in glory shining, glory not their own,

    Blended into oneness, they approach the throne.