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Lyrics:Adapted from Sister Eva of Friedenshort
Music:T. Collins

Hymn using same tune:



 1  I saw great throngs — each was a brother dear,

    Linked with each other in one Body here;

    Each in close union with the living Head,

    The witness-folk, by Jesus' Spirit led.


 2  At every time, in every clime I found

    Those, not with words of Christ, but Spirit bound.

    He strengthens them with might each day, each hour;

    Through them true works divine are wrought in power.


 3  This is the Church the Spirit hath begot,

    Elect from every people, Christ their lot.

    They follow where His shepherd-staff doth lead;

    The members of this host are blessed indeed.


 4  And when on earth they meet His death to show,

    To Him their vows of love they oft renew.

    Some little flock will gather there or here;

    Christ, Head of all, to every soul most near.


 5  This is the temple which our Lord approves,

    The Church which truly honors Him and loves,

    Whose sacrifice is on the altar bound;

    She soon in glory will His throne surround.