Eng:818  Chin:593  Kor:593  Span:-  Tag:818  Fra:-  Por:373 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:John E. Gould

This hymn has a unique tune


 1  Christ is the mystery of God;

    God is invisible, unshown,

    His image man hath never seen,

    But Christ the Son hath made Him known.


 2  Christ is the very Word of God,

    He is God's explanation true;

    God's full embodiment is He

    And God's own image brings to view.


 3  Image of God invisible,

    Effulgence of God's glory fair;

    God's fulness ever dwells in Him,

    God's testimony He doth bear.


 4  The Church the myst'ry is of Christ,

    For He is now to man unshown;

    No man on earth may see Him now,

    But thru the Church He is made known.


 5  The Church is Christ's expression full,

    In her Christ dwelleth bodily;

    She is His duplication true,

    And man in her Himself may see.


 6  The Church the image has of Christ,

    She is His increase and His spread;

    Christ's very self is found in her,

    The Body, she, to Christ the Head.


 7  Thus, in the Son the Father is,

    And now the Spirit is the Son;

    The Spirit of the triune God

    Is in the Church and with her one.