Eng:819  Chin:594  Kor:594  Span:348  Tag:819  Fra:-  Por:374 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:T. Willey

Hymn using same tune:

#636 (Tune 2)


 1  As the body is the fulness

       To express our life,

    So to Christ the Church, His Body,

       Doth express His life.


 2  E'en as Eve is part of Adam

       Taken out of him,

    So the Church is Christ's own increase

       With Himself within.


 3  As from out the buried kernel

       Many grains are formed,

    As the grains together blended

       To a loaf are formed;


 4  So the Church, of many Christians,

       Christ doth multiply,

    Him expressing as one Body,

       God to glorify.


 5  As the branches of the grapevine

       Are its outward spread,

    With it one, abiding, bearing

       Clusters in its stead;


 6  So the Church's many members

       Christ's enlargement are,

    One with Him in life and living,

       Spreading Him afar.


 7  Fulness, increase, duplication,

       His expression full,

    Growth and spread, continuation,

       Surplus plentiful,


 8  Is the Church to Christ, and thereby

       God in Christ may be

    Glorified thru His redeemed ones

       To eternity.


 9  Thus the Church and Christ together,

       God's great mystery,

    Is the mingling of the Godhead

       With humanity.