Eng:822  Chin:596  Kor:596  Span:-  Tag:822  Fra:-  Por:376 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Arr. from Robert A. Schumann

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 1  The Church the lampstand is to Christ,

    Christ is the lamp with God as light;

    The light divine from Christ doth shine,

    The Church upholds its glory bright.


 2  The light which shines within the lamp

    Is God as life, unique, divine;

    The stand must therefore be of gold

    To match the glory which doth shine.


 3  Amid the darkness of this age

    The light of life divine doth beam

    In many centers of mankind

    Where Jesus' testimony's seen.


 4  To be this testimony pure

    "First love" to Christ the Church must keep;

    Then from the "tree of life" she may

    The overcomer's portion reap.


 5  She must the persecution bear

    That she the "crown of life" may gain;

    Adult'ry spiritual o'ercome,

    The "hidden manna" to obtain.


 6  The deeds of "Jezebel" desert,

    That she may rule the earth with might;

    Defiling deadness overcome

    To be arrayed in "garments white."


 7  Like "Philadelphia" she must be

    To keep Christ's word, confess His Name;

    All "lukewarm" pride she must o'ercome

    To feast with Him who overcame.


 8  Thus will the Church be purified

    To be the lampstand of pure gold,

    To match the testimony pure,

    The life of Jesus fit to hold.


 9  The local churches here on earth

    The lampstands in this age should be;

    The glorious new Jerusalem

    The lampstand in eternity.


 10  The city as pure gold will be,

    The final lampstand consummate;

    Christ as the lamp she e'er will hold

    And God's full light will radiate.