Eng:824  Chin:598  Kor:598  Span:351  Tag:824  Fra:824  Por:378 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Samuel S. Wesley

Hymns using same tune:

#833, #867, #1229


 1  The Church is Christ's own Body,

       The Father's dwelling-place,

    The gathering of the called ones,

       God blended with man's race;

    Elect before creation,

       Redeemed by Calv'ry's death,

    Her character and standing

       Of heaven, not of earth.


 2  New man of new creation,

       Born through her risen Lord,

    Baptized in God the Spirit,

       Made holy by His Word;

    Christ is her life and content,

       Himself her glorious Head;

    She has ascended with Him

       O'er all her foes to tread.


 3  Christ is her one foundation,

       None other man may lay;

    All that she has, as Christ, is

       Divine in every way;

    Her members through the Spirit

       Their death on Calv'ry own;

    They're built in resurrection —

       Gold, silver, precious stone.


 4  One God, one Lord, one Spirit —

       Her elements all one —

    One faith, one hope, one baptism,

       One Body in the Son;

    The triune God is in her,

       One Body members own,

    By faith they are united,

       In hope of glory shown.


 5  From every tribe and nation

       Do all the members come,

    Regardless of their classes

       United to be one.

    No high there is, nor lowly,

       No Jew, nor Gentile clan,

    No free, nor slave, nor master,

       But Christ, the "one new man."


 6  One Body universal,

       One in each place expressed;

    Locality of dwelling

       Her only ground possessed;

    Administration local,

       Each answ'ring to the Lord;

    Communion universal,

       Upheld in one accord.


 7  Her local gatherings model

       The New Jerusalem;

    Its aspects and its details

       Must show in all of them.

    Christ is the Lamp that shineth,

       With God within, the Light;

    They are the lampstands bearing

       His glorious Image bright.