Eng:867  Chin:629  Kor:629  Span:393  Tag:867  Fra:-  Por:407 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Samuel S. Wesley

Hymns using same tune:

#824, #833, #1229


 1  As members of the Body

       Christ we would manifest,

    Each learning how to function

       His fulness to express;

    We would not be spectators

       But each as members move,

    None bringing death or damage

       But each our profit prove.


 2  As in a team we'd never

       Act independently,

    But in coordination,

       Each would dependent be;

    Not acting by our choosing

       But following the flow,

    Distraction never bringing,

       The Spirit's way we'd know.


 3  On Christ we here would focus,

       No other center make;

    With Christ in sweet communion

       His riches to partake.

    He is our Head and content,

       His Body we express;

    Whate'er we do while meeting

       Himself must manifest.


 4  Built up in love together,

       Not one would criticize;

    To perfect one another,

       We all would exercise.

    Each one from self delivered,

       The natural life forsakes;

    In grace each trained in spirit

       The Body-life partakes.