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Lyrics:Samuel Medley
Music:John L. Hatton

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 1  On Christ, salvation rests secure;

    The Rock of Ages must endure;

    Nor can that faith be overthrown

    Which rest upon the "Living Stone."


 2  No other hope shall intervene;

    To Him we look, on Him we lean;

    Other foundations we disown,

    And build on Christ, the "Living Stone."


 3  In Him it is ordained to raise

    A temple to Jehovah's praise,

    Composed of all His saints, who own

    No Savior but the "Living Stone."


 4  View the vast building, see it rise:

    The work how great! The plan how wise!

    O wondrous fabric! Pow'r unknown:

    That rests it on the "Living Stone."


 5  But most adore His precious name:

    His glory and His grace proclaim!

    For us, the lost, condemned, undone,

    He gave Himself, the "Living Stone."