Eng:834  Chin:602  Kor:602  Span:-  Tag:834  Fra:-  Por:379 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:French air

This hymn has a unique tune


 1  The chief Cornerstone Thou art, Lord,

       Jewish builders did despise;

    God by resurrection placed Thee,

       Thou art precious in His eyes.

    Through Thee we receive salvation,

       And, together built by Thee,

    Jews and Gentiles are Thy dwelling,

       One new man, in harmony.


 2  Thou too art the smitten Rock, Lord,

       That man's thirst by Thee be filled,

    That frail man may stand upon Thee,

       But e'en more, God's house to build.

    The Foundation Stone in Zion,

       Tested and secure, Thou art;

    And the Rock, the Church supporting,

       Her foundation to impart.


 3  On Thyself the Church is builded,

       And though many storms assail,

    Still it stands erect, for 'gainst it

       Gates of hell cannot prevail.

    Thine authority possessing,

       It doth bind and loose in Thee,

    Bringing men into Thy kingdom,

       Satan's captives setting free.


 4  Living Stone of life art Thou, Lord,

       Precious, chosen thus to be;

    Living stones Thou too hast made us,

       One in character with Thee.

    Built together as a temple

       That our God may dwell therein,

    Thus we are a holy priesthood,

       Offering sacrifice to Him.


 5  Lord, Thou art the Son of David

       That God's temple Thou may build;

    King and Priest Thou art together,

       That Thy calling be fulfilled.

    As the King, for God Thou rulest,

       Making men submit to Him;

    As the Priest before God's presence,

       Bringing men to enter in.


 6  Thine authority doth issue

       From the throne to render peace;

    Fellowship is in the river

       To supply and give increase.

    When these, balanced, go together,

       Then God's purpose is fulfilled;

    King and Priest in Thee combining,

       Thou God's dwelling place dost build.


 7  Thou art God, yet flesh becamest,

       God with man in Thee doth dwell;

    Thou, the Temple for His glory,

       God in Thee Himself doth tell.

    Thus the Church too is the mingling

       Into one of God and man;

    So it is with every member

       For the building of God's plan.


 8  Thou, the everlasting Dwelling,

       In all ages art our home;

    We in Thee enjoy protection,

       Living in Thyself alone.

    Thou our Sanctuary art, Lord,

       We and God abide in Thee;

    Thou, God's presence art within us,

       Where we worship ceaselessly.


 9  Cornerstone, Foundation, Topstone,

       Rock, and Church, and Living Stone,

    Dwelling-place, and Sanctuary,

       Builder too art Thou, we own.

    Praise we give for what Thou art, Lord,

       As Thy wondrousness we see!

    Grant that we may be built up, Lord,

       As the living stones in Thee.