Eng:836  Chin:-  Kor:-  Span:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:380 

Lyrics:Anon, Latin 7th century, tr. by John Mason Neale, vv. 2, 3 by compilers
Music:Henry T. Smart

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 1  Christ is made the sure foundation,

       Christ the head and cornerstone,

    Chosen of the Lord and precious,

       Binding all the Church in one;

    Holy Zion's help forever,

       And her confidence alone.


 2  Founded on the Lord victorious,

       Christ the everlasting Rock,

    Stands the Church in heav'nly places,

       Dreading not the storm or shock;

    Built with life divine she ever

       Stands against attack and mock.


 3  Though the gates of Hades frustrate,

       Yet the Church still stands for God,

    Overcoming evil spirits

       By her Lord's victorious blood;

    And at Christ's return in triumph

       All her foes will then be trod.