Eng:837  Chin:603  Kor:603  Span:356  Tag:837  Fra:-  Por:382 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:From a Gregorian chant, arr. by Lowell Mason

Hymns using same tune:

#101 (Tune 2), #488, #773 (Tune 1)


 1  We praise Thee, Lord, for Thy great plan

    That we Thy dwelling-place may be;

    Thou live in us, we filled with Thee,

    Thou in the Son expressed might be.


 2  Though in Thine image made by Thee

    And given Thine authority,

    Yet we are only made of clay

    Without a trace of divinity.


 3  When we receive Thee as our life,

    Thy nature we thru grace possess;

    Mingled together, we with Thee

    One Body glorious will express.


 4  When flows Thy life thru all our souls,

    Filling, renewing every part,

    We will be pearls and precious stones,

    Changed to Thine image, as Thou art.


 5  But, Lord, we fully realize

    These are not wrought men's praise to rouse,

    But as material to be built

    Together for Thy glorious house.


 6  Here, Lord, we give ourselves to Thee;

    Receive us into Thy wise hands;

    Bend, break, and build together in Thee

    To be the house to meet Thy demands.


 7  Break all the natural life for us,

    Deal Thou with each peculiar way,

    That we no more independent be

    But with all saints are one for aye.


 8  Then we shall be Thy Bride beloved,

    Together in Thy chamber abide,

    Enjoy the fulness of Thy love.

    How Thou wilt then be satisfied!