Eng:841  Chin:381  Kor:381  Span:359  Tag:841  Fra:841  Por:236 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Frances R. Havergal

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#439, #644


 1  Thou art all my life, Lord,

       In me Thou dost live;

    With Thee all God's fulness

       Thou to me dost give.

    By Thy holy nature

       I am sanctified,

    By Thy resurrection,

       Vict'ry is supplied.


 2  Now Thy flowing life, Lord,

       Doth enlighten me,

    Bringing in the spirit

       Fellowship with Thee;

    All my need supplying,

       Making Thy demand,

    Leading me to cleansing

       And in Thee to stand.


 3  Thy anointing Spirit

       Me shall permeate,

    All my soul and spirit

       Thou wouldst saturate;

    Every part transforming

       Till conformed to Thee,

    Till Thy life shall bring me

       To maturity.


 4  Lord, Thy life abundant,

       Flowing, rich and free,

    Constantly refreshes

       And empowers me.

    Death by life is swallowed,

       Weakness is made strong,

    All my bonds are broken,

       Gloom is turned to song.


 5  I would give myself, Lord,

       Fully unto Thee,

    That Thy heart's desire

       Be fulfilled in me.

    I no more would struggle

       To myself reform,

    Thus in me to hinder

       What Thou wouldst perform.


 6  I would cease completely

       From my efforts vain,

    Let Thy life transform me,

       Full release to gain;

    Build me up with others

       Till in us Thou see

    Thy complete expression

       Glorifying Thee.