Eng:840  Chin:606  Kor:606  Span:358  Tag:840  Fra:-  Por:384 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Arr. from Emmelar

Hymns using same tune:

#403, #635


 1  Freed from self and Adam's nature,

       Lord, I would be built by Thee

    With the saints into Thy temple,

       Where Thy glory we shall see.

    From peculiar traits deliver,

       From my independent ways,

    That a dwelling place for Thee, Lord,

       We will be thru all our days.


 2  By Thy life and by its flowing

       I can grow and be transformed,

    With the saints coordinated,

       Builded up, to Thee conformed;

    Keep the order in the Body,

       There to function in Thy will,

    Ever serving, helping others,

       All Thy purpose to fulfill.


 3  In my knowledge and experience

       I would not exalted be,

    But submitting and accepting

       Let the Body balance me;

    Holding fast the Head, and growing

       With His increase, in His way,

    By the joints and bands supplying,

       Knit together day by day.


 4  By Thy Spirit daily strengthened

       In the inner man with might,

    I would know Thy love surpassing,

       Know Thy breadth and length and height;

    Ever of Thy riches taking,

       Unto all Thy fulness filled,

    Ever growing into manhood,

       That Thy Body Thou may build.


 5  In God's house and in Thy Body

       Builded up I long to be,

    That within this corporate vessel

       All shall then Thy glory see;

    That Thy Bride, the glorious city,

       May appear upon the earth,

    As a lampstand brightly beaming

       To express to all Thy worth.