Eng:852  Chin:616  Kor:616  Span:365  Tag:852  Fra:852  Por:389 

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Cuthbert Howard

Hymns using same tune:

#696 (Tune 2), #745, #1090, #1310


 1  Thy dwelling-place, O Lord, I love;

       It is Thy Church so blessed,

    It is Thy joy and heart's delight

       And where Thy heart finds rest.


 2  For her, Thyself Thou gavest, Lord,

       That she be Thine, complete;

    For her, I too my body give,

       Thy heart's desire to meet.


 3  For her, Thou hast become my life,

       That she my living be;

    For her, I would forsake myself,

       That she be filled with Thee.


 4  The Church is Thy beloved Bride,

       Thou in Thy Body seen;

    She is my joy and heart's desire,

       The one on whom I lean.


 5  In her, Thy full supply, O Lord,

       Thou dost to me impart;

    In her am I possessed by Thee

       To satisfy Thy heart.


 6  Thy dwelling-place, O Lord, I love;

       It is Thy Church, Thy home;

    In it I would forever live

       And never longer roam.